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We are happy to announce that we are completely overhauling our website. The redesigned site will have a new look, new features, new functionality. Check back often, as the new site will be up soon!

- Posted April 7, 2017

General Membership Meeting

The Missouri Pawnbrokers Assn. and the Greater St. Louis Assn. of Pawnbrokers will have their next meetings on Thursday, July 16. This will be a dinner meeting at Spiro’s Restaurant. Cost for dinner is $30 per attendee. If you prefer to pay by check, please make payable to Greater St. Louis Assn. of Pawnbrokers. If you plan to attend please call Bill at 314-385-8083 or Rob at 314-388-4444 or email

Rob Lauer 314-388-4444

Bill Howell 314-385-8083


Last week, over 60 pawnbroker members joined the NPA Board of Directors and Team GRC in Washington, DC. Many important pawn industry issues, ideas, opportunities, and solutions were discussed.

One of the hot button topics was the termination of banking relationships and services experienced by pawnbrokers across the country, which many call “bank discontinuance.” Bank discontinuance, also known as Operation Choke Point, was a part of the discussion in every Congressional office. This was due, in part, to recent House of Representatives hearings where bank regulators were grilled and answers demanded.

Another factor was the continued questioning of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC), Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) by NPA as to why this keeps occurring, and how these agencies will help us put an end to this problem.

On April 29, while GRC Chair, Tim Collier, and NPA Lobbyist, Cliff Andrews briefed attendees on the discussions they would have during appointments with their congressional members or senior staff, NPA Treasurer, Rob Anderson, Regulatory Counsel, Sarah Jane Hughes, and I met with officials from the Risk Management and Examinations Divisions at the FDIC. This was our second face-to-face session at the FDIC, and the exchange of information has been positive.

The Missouri Pawnbroker’s Association works to provide pawnbrokers located in Missouri with the resources and needed tools to strengthen the local pawn industry.

At the same time our association is committed to providing our members with the knowledge and tools to provide the best service possible in their local communities.

This is a responsibility we take very serious and our association is committed to constantly improving the value that we provide our members and local communities. MPA members work hard to operate their businesses in such a manner to promote a positive image of the pawn industry.
This website provides our community and members with important information on our association, members and local pawn industry.

If you are looking for a pawn shop in Missouri, please reference our directory located under the “Locate A Member” tab in our menu bar. All questions, comments and feedback are welcomed.